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Sampler Pack: BHP Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea (2 Sachets)

Product code: 37

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Maximum 1 per buyer/account.
This product is available in Singapore only.

Trial sample pack includes:
2 x Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea Sachet, 5g

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  • 2 Sachets Trial Price.
  • Limited to 1 per customer/account only. 
  • Multiple orders or variations will not be processed.
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BHP Blend 188 Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea

Full pack available in 60 sachets packaging

Product Recognitions:

  • Food Product Awards 2015-2017 Healthier Choice Merit Award
    Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology (SIFST)

  • Finalist at the IUFoST 2016 Global Food Industry Awards 
    International Union of Food Science and Technology

Every cup of BHP's Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea brings you closer to your goal of a healthier body and a healthier lifestyle. This relaxing blend combines the wonderful properties of freshly roasted tartary buckwheat with fine Japanese sencha tea. Each sip offers a peaceful and relaxing experience, complemented by natural toasty flavour.

Each sachet is infused with high-quality buckwheat, carefully selected for a rich and robust golden brown color, as well as for its unique nutty fragrance and flavour. Sencha, on the other hand, ranks high in the hierarchy of fine Japanese tea. It is made by bathing the leaves in sterilizing steam to prevent oxidation, and then rolled carefully to remove excess juices and enzymes within it. It is best steeped with hot—not boiling—water, to release all the flavours of the sencha tea and the roasted buckwheat.

Serving Suggestion

Place 1 sachet in a cup and add hot water. Allow 2-3 minutes for complete infusion to desired concentration. 


Roasted buckwheat, sencha green tea.




Product Brochure (English)


Customer Reviews

Review by Vivian
Nice pack. Thanks! (Posted on 16/09/2016)
Review by Serene Tan
The tea taste good! (Posted on 01/09/2016)
Review by Raman
Taste quite good! (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by Leong
Fast delivery. Will consider to buy the full pack (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Review by T K Ng
Received quite fast in 2 days (Posted on 25/07/2016)
Review by Charlotte Tan
I prefer tea to coffee, thanks for the promotion! (Posted on 25/07/2016)
Review by fred
The tea has a nice smell. (Posted on 30/06/2016)
Review by Sandy Chua
Requested for the coffee sample. Looks good, i prefer my coffee black (Posted on 21/06/2016)
Review by MrsFatima
Thanks alot for sending the tea sample. Will try and give comment. (Posted on 21/06/2016)
Review by Ai Lee
Heard from friend its good for diabetes (Posted on 14/06/2016)
Review by Mavin G
Received with thanks! Good promotion (Posted on 14/06/2016)
Review by Jeryln
Received in the mail box within 3 days. Thanks! (: (Posted on 24/05/2016)
Review by Mr Tan
received in good order. Not yet try (Posted on 04/05/2016)
Review by Dewi
Received with thanks (Posted on 18/04/2016)
Review by Kim Jang
Pleasant taste and fragrant smell (Posted on 08/04/2016)
Review by Raman
received it a few days ago, the coffee goes well with milk and a bit of sugar (Posted on 26/03/2016)
Review by Ann Sim
I like the tea, nice smell. Not sure about the coffee as i'm not a coffee person. (Posted on 15/03/2016)
Review by Pete
Received with thanks. (Posted on 15/03/2016)
Review by Ai Lin
Trying to see if it helps to lower my cholesterol (Posted on 07/03/2016)
Review by Vanessa
Received in the mail within 3 days. I like the taste of the buckwheat tea. (Posted on 02/03/2016)
Review by Kang Kang
The coffee taste not bad (Posted on 02/03/2016)
Review by Lynn
Yet to try but fast delivery (Posted on 20/02/2016)
Review by Herman P
tks for the samples! I can try it to see if i like the taste before buying the product (Posted on 14/02/2016)
Review by Wei Ting
I like the taste of the buckwheat tea (Posted on 14/02/2016)
Review by Ginny Lee
Very quick delivery. Read from the brochure that its good for diabetes and weight loss. (Posted on 12/02/2016)
Review by grace aw
Item recd in good condition. Thanks! (Posted on 04/02/2016)
Review by Monica
Not yet try, looks good and lots of health benefits of buckwheat. (Posted on 04/02/2016)
Review by Cheng Kim
Sample received in the mail with thanks (Posted on 30/01/2016)
Review by Andrew Tan
Thanks for the sample. At least can try before buying (: (Posted on 28/01/2016)
Review by Wei Lee
Received in gd condition. Thanks. (Posted on 28/01/2016)
Review by lisa
Received in good condition (Posted on 23/01/2016)
Review by Jodie Tay
I like the taste of the buckwheat coffee. Going to purchase the full box! (Posted on 20/01/2016)
Review by fandi
tks for the samples! (Posted on 12/01/2016)
Review by Claris Wang
Received within a week, lovely tea (Posted on 08/01/2016)
Review by Chris
Got it in the mail today (Posted on 06/01/2016)
Review by Grace Lin
Got 1sachet tea and 1 coffee. Have yet to try. (Posted on 31/12/2015)
Review by Mohd
thanks for frree sample (Posted on 31/12/2015)
Review by Sheryl Lim
The buckwheat coffee has a very nice smell, add less water if you like it thick. (Posted on 29/12/2015)
Review by Keith
Nice taste (Posted on 22/12/2015)
Review by cindy le
I prefer the tea to the coffee. Thanks for the sample! (Posted on 19/12/2015)
Review by melissa ooi
tks very much for the free sample (: (Posted on 14/12/2015)
Review by Chong Han
fast delivery...yet to try...look good (Posted on 08/12/2015)
Review by Syafiqah
Received with thanks (Posted on 08/12/2015)
Review by jennifer
Prefer coffee to tea (Posted on 08/12/2015)
Review by Yew
received in mailbox in 3 days (Posted on 04/12/2015)
Review by Sim
thanks for the free sample! (Posted on 01/12/2015)
Review by Yup
received. Green tea is not bad (Posted on 29/11/2015)
Review by Joyce Ng
thanks for letting us try out the products (Posted on 23/11/2015)
Review by rUDY
well received with thanks. Trying it now (Posted on 23/11/2015)
Review by VK
The green tea is very nice, better then other green teas (Posted on 19/11/2015)
Review by cindy
nice not bad (Posted on 18/11/2015)
Review by Hazim
Received (Posted on 17/11/2015)
Review by gg
Fragrant smell (Posted on 13/11/2015)
Review by abby
hope its nice (Posted on 12/11/2015)
Review by Alex
Trying it now (Posted on 11/11/2015)
Review by yuzik
Yet to try, read from the brochure theres many health benefits. (Posted on 08/11/2015)
Review by Mohamad
Passed it to my parents to try (Posted on 08/11/2015)
Review by Winnie G.
Received the samples in a few days. (Posted on 05/11/2015)
Review by Dizon
Love it very much, have placed order for the full pack (Posted on 03/11/2015)
Review by Raj
Coffee tasted ok. This is kopi-O no sugar. (Posted on 03/11/2015)
Review by Angeline Ang
The Buckwheat Green Tea a is very fragrant. The taste is not bad. My husband likes it alot. (Posted on 02/11/2015)
Review by Maggie
Received thanks! (Posted on 31/10/2015)
Review by Kylie
Received today in my post box. Looks good! (Posted on 30/10/2015)
Review by Dabee Ang
The tea has a nice smell, has a roasted kind of taste which is nice :) (Posted on 30/10/2015)
Review by Michael
The buckwheat tea has a nice flavor, reminds me of the tea i had when i went to Japan. (Posted on 29/10/2015)
Review by Heng
first time trying this brand, hope its nice (Posted on 28/10/2015)
Review by Diana W
thanks.. trying it out now (Posted on 28/10/2015)
Review by Michelle
Its good that they let you try the sample before buying the product. (Posted on 27/10/2015)
Review by Sharon
liked it (: (Posted on 25/10/2015)
Review by Ms. Ho
thanks for the tea and coffee (Posted on 24/10/2015)
Review by rajis
received. Will try it later (Posted on 24/10/2015)
Review by Mei Xuan
The tea is fragrant and has a roasted kind of taste which i like. For the coffee, I don't drink black coffee so I added in sugar and 2 packet creamer. Taste nice! (Posted on 23/10/2015)
Review by Tay
thanks very much (Posted on 22/10/2015)
Review by Huang
thanks for the samples (Posted on 21/10/2015)
Review by Mendoza
The taste is quite nice :) (Posted on 20/10/2015)
Review by xue ting
looks not bad (Posted on 19/10/2015)
Review by Linda
received today, quite fast (Posted on 19/10/2015)
Review by hui min
buy this product before, got this to let my friend to try (Posted on 18/10/2015)
Review by Andy Cheng
My wife likes the tea, i prefer the coffee (Posted on 18/10/2015)
Review by May Quek
Fast delivery to my letterbox (Posted on 17/10/2015)
Review by Cathy
I like japanese buckwheat noodles, so wanted to try buckwheat tea and coffee. (Posted on 16/10/2015)
Review by Nurul
received with thanks (Posted on 15/10/2015)
Review by Poh Huat
i like the coffee, not yet try the tea (Posted on 15/10/2015)
Review by Kee Hee
Received in 3 days. Good promotion... (Posted on 14/10/2015)
Review by Kelly N
The taste of the green tea not bad, will consider to buy the big pack (Posted on 13/10/2015)
Review by Shirley
Item well received. Thanks! (Posted on 13/10/2015)
Review by John
Recd the samples yet to try it. (Posted on 12/10/2015)
Review by Loh Ting
looks good...yet to try (Posted on 11/10/2015)
Review by Yeo
Received quite fast by singpost. Like the tea very much! (Posted on 11/10/2015)
Review by AK
received tks (Posted on 10/10/2015)
Review by Sandy
Nice taste and smell :) (Posted on 09/10/2015)
Review by Roy
Trying the taste of the tea (Posted on 07/10/2015)

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