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Just recently came across a BHP Brand Buckwheat Green Tea and Buckwheat Coffee and learnt the reduce weight benefits of this products through the people who drank it frequently where it has shown 2 kg reduction within 2 weeks. After drinking Buckwheat Green Tea and Buckwheat Coffee for 2 weeks I reduced 2 kg from 56kg to 54 kg.

12 April 2016

In year 2007, the doctor detected that I had very serious diabetes measuring 25 to 28 MMOL/L. For a normal person the measurement would only be 4 to 6 MMOL/L. Even given the maximum dosage of insulin, it was not much help to me. The doctor asked me to take good care of myself as that was the best they could do for me. In year 2008,

I came across an article about buckwheat mentioning that it may help in the management of diabetes.I tried it and the results according to my test report improved! After several months of drinking buckwheat in tea form, my blood sugar level dropped to between 12 to 13 MMOL/L without taking any medication. I decided to try Buckwheat Healthcare Product’s Roasted Buckwheat Green Tea. To my surprise, a month later, my blood test results showed great improvement and I was able to achieve the reading of 5.6 to 7 MMOL/L.

After several routine check up, I also noticed my liver and kidney function improving. My medical report from Singapore General Hospital showed my measurement of Creatinine dropping from 600 MMOL/L in late 2008 to 300 UMOL/L from 2009 onwards. My liver is currently back to a normal condition. My blood sugar level fell from 15 MMOL/L back to a normal range of 5.9 MMOL/L in year 2010 without medication.

Due to the tremendous benefit this product has brought me, I would like to share my experience of this product with everyone. The 2 graphs below that was taken from the hospital's medical report shows Mr Lim's condition of the liver and blood sugar levels from year 2006 to 2010:

Lim Tuck Ming, 52 years old
23 Nov 2010

At the age of 56 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetics where my blood glucose was at a high reading of 12 mmol/L and I was told by my doctor that I had to be on medication for the rest of my life to help control my blood glucose levels. After 2 years of being diagnosed, I noticed that there was pigmentation forming on my right leg. It was painful and as a result affected my ability to walk properly. I consulted the doctor about this and was told that it was not a good sign and if do not take care of my blood sugar levels I would lose my right leg. I was saddened by the news as I did not want to be a burden to my family.

Just recently my wife came across a BHP brand Buckwheat Green Tea and learnt the health benefits of this product through the people who drank it frequently where it has shown to regulate their blood glucose levels, lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. At first I was skeptical about this product but because of my wife’s persistent advice, I gave the product a try.

I started seeing results after the first month and the pigmentation on my right leg started to lighten. After the second month where I was due for my medical check-up, I was surprised to see that my blood glucose levels was improving from 12 mmol/l to 5.8 mmol/l and the pigmentation on my right leg had completely vanished. The doctor was shocked with the tremendous improvement in me and was told to keep up the good work. I have to thank BHP for giving my life back and saving me from losing my right leg. Up till today I have been drinking this Buckwheat Green Tea daily without fail. Thank you.

Mr. Muhd Syamsubir, 64 years old
18 Feb 2011

I am a diabetic and for the past few years i was on medication. During fasting periods, my blood sugar level would shoot up to be more than 16 mmol/l, which was on the high side. I have been drinking BHP’s Buckwheat Green Tea daily for 8 months now. My blood sugar level is more stable and i could see that the complexion of my skin has become much smoother and i also lost weight from 147kg 8 months ago to 117kg today, 30kg in total! All my friends were surprised by the changes in my appearance. I will recommend all my friends to try this product from BHP.

我是一名糖尿病患者,在过去的几年, 我都不间断地服药。在禁食期间,我的血糖含量高达16mmol/l。 8个月前,我开始每天不间断地喝BHP荞麦绿茶。现在,我的血糖水平较为稳定,肤色也变得均匀有光泽。此外,我的体重也从8 个月前的147公斤下降到目前的117公斤,总共减轻了30kg!我的朋友们都对我的外表的变化感到惊讶。 我会推荐我所有的朋友们喝BHP荞麦绿茶。

Tan Pei Wen
12 Dec 2011

I'm not usually a tea drinker but I thoroughly enjoyed this buckwheat green tea for its light aroma. I really like the freshness of the vibrant greens and browns from both the tea leaves and buckwheat seed. Been drinking everyday!

24 July 2012

I am 30 years old this year, and have been diagnosed with essential hypertension since 2002. Medical doctors and specialists have told me that while my condition is not serious, it may be wise to start on a life-long medication for controlling my condition of hypertension soon, as it is generally incurable. Having read about the potential side-effects of such medications, I chose not to start the treatment, but instead to look for alternative solutions, like for instance, drinking the buckwheat green tea from BHP. After taking it for about a year, my blood pressure has miraculously subsided from 150 to 125 (which is within the normal healthy range)! Thank you BHP Buckwheat green tea!

24 July 2012

I am 41 years old and recently was diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (Dka), neither Diabetes Type 1 nor Diabetes Type 2, which is serious condition that can lead to diabetic coma or even death. My body totally weak and my weight were drastic decreased. First time detected, my blood sugar level was at high index which means could not be read and blood pressure also at high level. I was warded about 6 days and need to be monitoring due to my body need more rest. Until 5th day in the ward, my blood sugar was fluctuated between 24 mm0/L to 15 mmo/L.

My wife was introduced me to take Buckwheat Green Tea which was introduced by her colleague. I took it every time before having my meal. It was surprised me, my blood sugar was at 9 mmo/L on the day after. I was continuously drinking it, within 2 weeks the sugar was at below 10 mmo/L.

29 April 2013

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